Interschools Results 24/11/2019

November 25, 2019

Jumpinaction  Individuals

1st  –Ted [Kate Horgan ]

2nd  Bella [JILL BROWN] mercy college

3rd coloured clough[ grace kennealy] Dundalk grammer

4th  smokey [ anna marchant]mount Sackville]

5th rusty[ellen mcgrath]dunshaughlin]

6th garveys joy[Ciara o’sullivan] loreto st stephens green


Jumpinaction secondary Teams

1st Place- Santa Sabina alfie[Alison Flynn] loki [amy ennis crosbie] bently [ kate Haughton.

2ndlusk cc uchess[jack Atkinson], milly [mary Atkinson], blueberry[mia Griffith]

1stPlace- Loreto st stephens green , ted[kate horgan ], eddie [ phoebe horgan] garvey  [Ciara o’sullivan], adagio[faye creeddon]

2nd Place- Dunsaughlin/Mercy]; romeo[charlotte d illon, Jack [Yasmine Murray] and Bella [Jill Brown]rusty [Ellen mcgrath]

3rd Loreto Balbriggan sen  jack[laura Andrews, storm [ ruth battett, andy[ kate barrett], meko [ally Gormley]

4th  Place- Santa Sabina alfie[Alison Flynn] loki [amy ennis crosbie] bently [ kate Haughton.

5th loreto balbriggan jun cookie[ellen gavigan],chloe[Ciara Malone] ,nelly[sarah mcnally ] , puzzle[ eabha tully]

6th Dundalk / Drogheda rua[Niamh lambe], rosie[ grace kennealy], marlton gypsy[ailbhe Kelly]



Dressagebydesign Novice Indiviual

Divided between

1st Place- ,           MARLTON FERN[ABBI MAE DELANEY] HOLY ROSARY],      BLESSINGTON WILLOWFLY[Abi o’brien lawler] Rolestown, s strider[daisy mcmorrow]dunsany, bart [ruby mcmorrow] dunsany,puzzle[poppy o’dwyer] st seachnaills,  billy[rory Kerrigan[ corduff, , Ronaldo[ anna tully]cannistown, sally henny penny[Jessica flood] boardsmill , daisy[ sarah connor] st marys , filco[holly halford] kildangan.


Dressagebydesign open  Indiviual

1st place Poly[ruari o’neill] corudfff

2nd place Apollo[[ruari o’neill] corudfff

3rd place Robbie [Elizabeth mcmahon]tullyallen]

4th place bart[ruby mcmorrow]dunsany

5th cds cusheen Freddie[lily o’sulivan] scs naoimh brid

6th fleur[imogen horgan] st Andrews


Dressage by design  primary Team Competition

1st Place- corduff 2 polly[ruari o’neill, Richie [ailbhe Hartford buzz[lille tully] ,kate[clauia carroll]],

2nd place kildangan bullseye [Emily halford], star [ jasmine halford]. Lottie[keeva Fitzpatrick] , little lady [yulia dinardi]

3rd  Place- corduff 1 gale [alice Hartford], bonnie [ Julia white], dessie [pippa carroll] anna may [Charlie Hartford

4th bckl school fizz bomb [olivia killian], Banagher Ronaldo[anna tully], clipclop calypso[ Jodie kidd], Charlie brown[meabh fleming].

5th Place st andrews curragha yellow, sugar[tara Keogh, luna [Maggie caffrey].shanny [harry greene], toby [Juliette heather

6th Gael scooil na cille /moynalvey , Cicero[siun tormey] the grey knight [Ailbhe tormey],coco [ lottie cosgrove] toodles[Susie cosgrove]