Horse and pony bank holiday show – Monday 5th August

August 6, 2019

Lead Rein

1st Honey Bee [Gemma Walsh]

2nd Flower [Cian McCarthy]

3rd Alfie [James Goodwin]

4th Spot [Oliver Parkhill]


First Ridden

1st Toothless [Isabel Walsh]

2nd Trigger [Clara Cully]

3rd Honey Bee [Elsa Walsh]

4th Ollie [Mollie Mae Marker]


Obedient Pony

1st Kyla [Clara Cully]

2nd Ollie [Molly Mae Marker]


Show jumping

Cross poles divided between; Secret [James Oaks], Secret [Alex Cash], Nelson [Emily White], Katie Taylor [Sadhbh Kerrigan], Flower [Cian McCarthy] and Rosie Lee [Alicia Kernan]

40cm divided between; Molly [Freddie Green] and Fleur [Niall Horgan]

50cm divided between; Molly [Harry Green], Mister Puddles [Kim Murray] and Jasmine Bell [Isabel Walsh]

60cm divided between; Toothless [Isabel Walsh], Bonnie [Julia White], Anna May [Charlie Harford], Fleur [Imogen Horgan] and Molly [Harry Green]


1st Apollo [Ruari O’neill]

2nd Socks [Chloe Morris]

3rd Trigger [Charlotte Cully]



1st Polly [Ruari O’neill]

2nd Apollo [Ruairi O’neill]

3rd Molly’s Boy [Ally Clarke]

4th Millie [Mary Atkinson]

5th Freddie [Nadine Gill]



1st Duchess [Jack Atkinson]

2nd William [Alex Lyons]


Working Hunter


1st Glennellen Star [Eimear Keogh]

2nd Lola [Anna Sofia Lichender]

3rd Pearl [Stephen Troy]

4th Chico [Kirsty Green]

5th George [Carla Williamson]



1st Timmy [Carla Williamson]

2nd Glenn [Margaret McMullin]

3rd Glenview Star [Eimear Keogh]

4th Woodland Badger [Sarah Cassidy]



1st Reilly [Josh Williamson]

2nd Ted [Kate Horgan]

3rd Ashford Phoenix [Iona Pollock]



1st Lexi [Jessica Carberry]

2nd Blizzard [Stephen Troy]

3rd Rodge [Josh Whelanen]

4th Jade [Andrew Jones]

5th McCoy [Joy Bennett]

6th Chester [Ciaran Feldman]


Showing Classes;

Small Riding Horse;

1st Peaches [Kate Keogh]

2nd Hannah’s Joy [Zara Oaks]

3rd  Cardi [Tia Keogh]


Large Riding Horse;

1st Leroy Brown [Emily Taylor]


Lightweight Hunter;

1st Dunderrin Abby [Ruth Pryal]


Small Hunter;

1st The Pirate [Naoime McConnan]


Side Saddle;

1st Kyla [Clara Cully]


Ponies under 148cm

1st Bella [Jill Brown]


Connemara Ponies

1st Kinnemara Laura [Jane Dalnymple]

2nd Erne Valley Boru [Ciara Robinson]

3rd Erne Valley Column [Niamh Robinson]



1st Kevin [Emma Hegarty]

2nd Dawson [Rachel Kerins]