Gain Equine Nutrition and Antares Saddlery 2 phase competition Thursday 18th july

July 19, 2019

Class 1  test 106 jump 1 metre

1st dbs sedond chance [ lorna o’hare[

2nd Theo [Georgina Davy]

3rd  Pearl lSandra Phipps]

4th sportsfield  a good life [ Kevin Attley]

5th bohemian ruby[ Suzanne mcgee]

6th  Marlton Sunset [Molly Mooney]

Class 2 jump 1 metre

1st Timpany flight [ liam moran]

5th henry[Heidi Hamilton]

Class 3 dressage test 106

1st Don Quixote [Edel King]

2nd duky [ anna Quinn]

Class 4 dressage test 92 jump 85cm

1st miller [Gerald bloomer]

2nd rosie [Leanne foster]

3rd  Coppermine Gem [Eimear Keogh]

4th   Glenn [Margaret McMullen]

5th volantis [jo Andrews]

6th chloe [mary Sheridan]

Class 5 jumping 85cms

1st Thy Will be Dun [Sandra Hedigan]

1st tim [colleen Hopkins]

1st Bonnie [Maria Goss]


Class 6 dressage test 92

1st beth [jill revill]

2nd  Kildangan Furey [Fiona Furey]

3rd wolf [ Niamh mccarthy]

4th bloomfield lass [ Ciara mckeown]

Class 7 jump 70cm test 95

1st robins nest [Katie Attley]

1st  Ballygarris Bay Shadow [Zohra Smyth]

3rd  Whisper [Clare Tuthill]

4th  Lady of the Manor [Lily Noble]

5th marlton gypsy [ ailbhe Kelly ]

6th marlton rose [ sarah curry]

Class 8 jumping 70cm

1st stella [Joanna sloan ]