Gain Equine Nutrition and Antares Saddlery 2 phase competition results – Thursday 4th July

July 5, 2019

Class 1  test 106 jump 1 metre

1st lux like cruise [ Nicola ennis]

2nd cooley 1 [Katie o’sullivan]

3rd out of print [Nicola ennis]

4th coley 2 [Katie o’sullivan]

5th cooley 3 [ Katie o;Sullivan]

6th theo [ georgina davy]

Class 2 jump 1 metre

1st ee parlanti cruise[sarah elebert]

1st flossie[sarah ennis]

3rd kangaroo jack [ aran cleary]

4th oisin [sarah ennis]

5th henry[Heidi Hamilton]

Class 3 dressage test 106

1st don Quixote[edel king]

2nd buzz[Adrian foley]

3rd alfie[jill revill]

4th andiamos[aaron mcgrane]

Class 4 dressage test 92 jump 85cm

1st harry [Dylan cofey]

2nd groza[emma o’neill]

3rd glenn [Margaret mcmullin]

3rd kangaroo jack [neva mcnamara]

5th buzz [Nicola ennis]

Class 5 jumping 85cms

1st arty[hatty dinnis]

1st spice [melanie wrynn]

3rd autumn[ alias cannon]

3rd tim [ colleen Hopkins]

5th jon james[orla Clarke]

Class 6 dressage test 92

1st beth [jill revill]

2nd capitol coin[anna Nolan]

3rd greenhall cognac[Karin o’hare]

4th wolf [Niamh mccarthy]

5th just in time[anna Nolan]

Class 7 jump 70cm test 95

1st lady of the manor[lily noble]

2nd painted guy[Ellen tracy]

3rd ballygarris bay shadow[ zohra smyth]

4th rubys girl[lucy smite]

Class 8 jumping 70cm

1st ballymartin queen[ esme o’hagen]

1st alfie[Eileen doran]

3rd ned [Olivia smith]