Gain Equine Nutrition and Antares saddlery 2 phase competition results – Thursday 1st August

August 2, 2019

Class 1  test 106 jump 1 metre

1st Bee [Katie Nolan]

2nd Theo [Georgina Davy]

3rd  Marlton Sunset [Molly Mooney]

4th bohemian ruby[ Suzanne mcgee]

5th Pearl [Sandra Phipps]

6th Cuffesgrange Arkansas Angel [Leah Ross]


Class 2 jump 1 metre

1st Sportsfield Good Life [Kevin Attley]

1st Shandy [Chloe Shimmons]

1st EE Parlanti Cruise [Sarah Elebert]

4th Peanut [Aisling Carter]

5th Ardfry Jade [Andrew Jones]

6th Mcoy [Joy Bennett]


Class 3 dressage test 106

1st  Duky [Anna Quinn]

2nd Merlin [Alanna O’Malley]


Class 4 dressage test 92 jump 85cm

1st Coppermine Gem [Eimear Keogh]

2nd Glenn [Margaret McMullen]

3rd Lily [Denise Keogh]

4th   Happy Chap [Gemma Quinn]

5th Rosie [Leanne Foster]

6th Belle Izrra z [Emma Carey]


Class 5 jumping 85cms

1st Thy Will be Dun [Sandra Hedigan]

1st tim [colleen Hopkins]

1st Bonnie [Maria Goss]


Class 6 dressage test 92

1st beth [jill revill]

2nd  Wolf [ Niamh mccarthy]

3RD Birch View Thunder [Grainne O’neill]


Class 7 jump 70cm test 95

1st Ruby’s girl [Lucie Smith]

2nd Lady of the Manor [Lily Noble]

3rd  Marlton Lady [Jasmine Robertson]

3rd Marlton George [Cait Brett]

5th Marlton Gypsy [Ailbhe Kelly]

6th Marlton Chipmunk [Robyn Parkinson]

Class 8 jumping 70cm

1st Lilly [Anna  Sofia Lichenberg]

1st Firefly [Ann Moran]

3rd Lance [Emma O’neill]

4th Alfie [Eileen Doran]

5th Scooter [Janie Brady]