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SHOW JUMPING sji spring league

Sat 15th Feb

About the SHOW JUMPING sji spring league



1st 15th, 29th feb

, 28th march

11th , 25th apr.

Wednesdays 5th, 19th February, 11th 25th march 8th, 15th april


  Horses start time 10amSaturdays Entries for 80cm close at 10AM start 12 noon wednesdays

80cm,85cm, 90cm, 95cm 1m,1;05 AMATEUR CLASS  1.10,1.15, 1.20,1.25 1.30,1;35

Ponies start time 2pm approx pony entries close 2pm saturdays and 4pm wednesdays

Newcomers [1]40cm[2],50,[3]60,[4]70.

[5] 128 70cm,

[6]128cm80cm, [7]138cm80cm ,[8] 148cm 80cm,

                                 [9]128 90cm [10[ 138[90cm] ,[11]148 90cm,    

[12] 128cm1m, [13]138cm 1m ,[14]148, 1m,

[15]128cm1;10, [16]138cm 1;10, [17]148 cm 1;10

[18] 138cm 1;20, [19]148cm 1;20

[20 ]148; 1;30

No ponies 14th march


Leading rider prizes  for same horse /rider combination for following 80/85, 90/95. 1m/1.05, 1;10/1;15, 1;20/1;25/1;30/1;35

Same rider/pony  leading newcomer,128cms,138cms,148cms


Special Price Offer: First entry €20.00 & second entry €15.00 (same horse/rider combination) for entry on the day

10% of each  entry to prize fund  in final .

Combinations must compete 4 times plus final to qualify for prize money
These shows will be run in the indoor sand   arena

Course Designers Frank Glynn Louise Mcentaggart assistant Ciaran Glynn Safety Officer laura glynn

Enquiries  phone 0851599642 or 0868245722 details on





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