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horse and pony show

Mon 6th May

About the horse and pony show

arena 1 11; 30  sand

class 1 lead rein

class 2 first ridden

class 3 obedient pony

jumping starts not before  1pm

class 4 cross poles

class 5 40cm 

class 6 mini 50cms

class 7 super mini 60cms

class 8 midi 70cms

class 9 super midi 80cms

class 10maxi 90cms

class 11 super maxi 1 metre

arena 2 grass 11;30 am 

working hunter 70cms.80cms,90cms,1metre.

ridden showing

ponies under 148cms



small riding horse

large riding horse

small hunter class

lightweight hunter 

middleweight hunter

heavyweight hunter

side saddle 

classes will be amalgamated if insufficient entries

All classes first entry €20 2nd and subsequent entries same combination €10 

prizes in knd all classes  

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